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Copag best marked poker

Marked cards shop / 2017-12-12

Copag playing cards are famous and popular by many poker players around the world. They are in excellent quality and bring much joy to different poker players.

 And in our company, we developed various kinds of best invisible ink formula to process different kinds of Copag marked cards, the magic invisible ink markings on their backs cannot be detected by people naked eyes and they will not change the color the original cards. That is, if you want to detect the magic markings, an excellent marked playing cards contact lenses and luminous ink sunglasses for poker cards is needed. Of course, these special infrared marked cards detector are design as the regular one and other is hard to find any secret when you using them.

 We have various kinds of Copag marked poker cards for sale, such as Copag Texas Holdem marked deck cards, Copag 139 luminous ink marked cards, Copag 4 PIP contact lenses marked playing cards, Copag Jumbo Index magic marked cards and so on, if you are interested in them, welcome to contact us to order.