X-Ray Contact Lenses

Who ever said anything about luck? Every game is in your control with our new and improved range of X-Ray Contact Lenses. Take your poker face to all new heights by changing your eye colour - the preeminent disguise for any poker player.

With our handpicked selection of superior X-Ray Contact Lenses, which come in various colours, you can either change your eye colour or keep your natural colour. Each model is exclusively designed to detect marked playing cards.

Suitable for both IR marked decks and UV juiced cards, X-Ray Content Lenses are sometimes referred to as 'magic' eye contact lenses, and for great reason.

Superior X-Ray Contact Lenses For Marked Cards

Leading by example, the C&L Magic Luminous New Version X Ray Contact Lenses are your greatest answer to reading both infrared marked cards and ultraviolet juice marked cards. These contact lenses are suitable for all eye types, so you can easily detect marked cards regardless of being a pro or an amateur.

As a renowned international store, Marked Cards Shop assure poker players the perfect range of eye contact lenses. Our GS luminous ink suppliers assure the utmost quality, reiterating each user's maximum safety.

See straight through marked juice decks and detect even the slightest infrared or UV ink marks. Distinguish invisible markings whether on the back, front or sides of hidden marked cards, and gain the ultimate advantage over your fellow opponents!

These X-Ray contact lenses do not harm your eyes, and you can wear them while playing various types of poker games; Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat and more.

Marked Cards Shop work hard to bring you the best tips and hacks through our dedicated news column. Check out our 'Focus Today' articles for the latest news in marked playing cards, poker cheating devices and much more.

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