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Why did my registration fail?

You may meet the following issue when you register:

  • Your email address has been registered as a member

Please change another email address to set up your account. Or you can use the existed email address to retrieve your password. Click here to retrieve your password.

  • The‘Code Shown’ does not show

If no word appears in the 'Code Shown' image, please check your browser's setting as follows:

  1. Open the browser, click 'Internet Option' in the 'Tool' section;

  2.  Click 'Advanced' tab, then choose the 'Media';

  3. Ensure to make a tick on 'Display Picture'.

After setting your browser successfully, please simply enter any word and submit. You will then see an error indication and another security codeword will be displayed. Submit the security codeword shown to complete the process.

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