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Buying an item with "Buy Now"

  • Place Your Order

1. Click on a Product Photo or Product Name to see more detailed information. To place your order, choose the specification you want and enter the quantity, and click "Buy Now";


2. The system will automatically combine these products into one order for you, click "To settle";


3. Edit the receiving information, select the receiving time, confirm the products list, select Payment Methods;



4. Click "Confirm".


  • Complete the Order Form

Please enter the required information such as Delivery Address, Quantity Type etc. Before clicking "Confirm Order", please check your Order Details carefully. If you want to add a new Delivery Address, click "New address". If you want to edit a current Delivery Address, click "Modify".

  • Payment

After confirming your Order, the payment will be automatically deducted from your balance.

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