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Why did my order fail?

1. Meet error message“This product is sold out or the seller has discontinued selling this product. Please contact the seller for details."

Please be advised to directly contact the supplier to make sure if the product is still available. 

To contact the supplier, you may go to the product detail page or shop and click Customer Service to send a message.

2. Click the Place Order button, but nothing happens.

For this case, please firstly be advised to use Google or Firefox because some other browsers may encounter difficulties in using Markedcardsshop. If you use Google or Firefox, and nothing happens after you click the To Settlement button, it is most likely your browser does not support JavaScript.

Please take the following steps to enable the JavaScript function:

  • Click "Tools" on the menu bar of the browser;

  • Select "Internet Options";

  • Click the "Security" tag;

  • In the "Security" section, you can select "Default Level" to restore the settings, or select "Custom Level" and set "Scripting of Java applets" as "enable".

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