CLMC Akk k4 poker analzyer system

With the winner predictor system akk k4 and marked cards, you can know the winners of the poker games in advance
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  • Goods Name: CLMC Akk k4 poker analzyer system
  • Goods No.: ECS000926
  • Added Time: 2017-11-01
  • Brand: AKK
  • Style: all-in-one
  • Scanning distance: farther

With an increasing number of poker players search the anti-poker cheating device online, we offer different kind of poker cheat device in the market. We mainly introduce AKK poker analyzer for players who are looking for the playing cards cheating device right now. There are so many regular customers trust us and they are willing to buy this poker software tool from us. 
We produce this K4 poker analyzer in China with professional technique and advanced technology, so that this item can analyze the bar code image of marked playing cards in poker game. When this K4 poker analyzer cheat is used in poker game, the user should put it on a correct position so that it can analyze the poker result of marked cards accurately and quickly. After it show the date to TV or monitor, you can know the poker winner. 
In the meanwhile, due to the same appearance of our K4 poker analyzer and normal cell phone, it is so difficult to be found by other poker players. Just only possess a poker analyzer is not enough for poker players nowadays. Because poker card analyzer should work with poker table scanner as well as barcode marked cards together. Hence, if you are really need them, it is our honor to supply all of them for you. The following is the specific details of AKK K4 poker analyzer.
Specific information
Brand name: AKK K4 poker analyze
Report speed: within 0.1s
Analyzing distance: 20cm-40cm.
Camera: build- in and wireless camera
Battery time: it can work for nearly 3 hours
Games: Baccarat, Texas Holdem, Omaha poker game and etc.

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