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X-ray Contact Lenses to See Through Poker Cards

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Except for the UV marked cards and IR marked deck, do you know about x-ray marked cards? X-ray contact lenses is the tool to read the x-ray poker deck. It is the latest poker cheat device so far in the market.

X-ray contact lenses  not only can be used in casino games, such as Texas Holdem, 4 cards Omaha, blackjack and baccarat, but also any other game with poker. Now, these super awesome x-ray contact lenses are available for purchase in Markedcardsshop. Just like other marked cards contact lenses, x-ray lenses will not change the color of your eyes after you put it on. It's secret and safe.

The tips for the x-ray contact lenses

  1. Do not use more than 8 hours at one time.
  2. Please wash your hand before you wearing the lenses.
  3. Please keep the lenses in the pure water.