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Electronic induction dice to know dice pip in advance

Electronic Induction Dice

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Electronic induction dice are dice cheating devices. It also called induction dice or electronic dice. Just as the name indicates, this magic cheating dice is processed with some mini electronic. You will know the dice number by the ways of vibration.

How does the induction dice work?

The whole set of electronic induction dices includes the processed cheating dice and a remote vibrator as two key parts. Inside the cheating dice, there are battery and a signal transmitter, while the remote vibrator has a receiver. One vibrator correspond to one cheating dice. Six vibration ways prompt six faces of the dice. For example, a long vibration indicate the face of three, a short vibration indicate the face of four and no vibration indicate the face of six. The accuracy of this induction dice is 100 percent. 

When you finish the dice game, turn off the induction dice by putting down the face of 6, for this side is no vibration when it is the face-up after rolling. 

Can people see any difference between the electronic dices and normal dices?

Although there is a battery inside the induction cheating dice, but from the outside, it just as the same as normal dice. Of course, the induction dice cannot be a transparent dice, because you can see the battery inside.

Induction dice is different from fixed point dice, mercury dice and remote control dice. It will tell the user the pips of the dice after the dealer shake the dice cup.