Poker Cards Analyzer

With a custom-made poker analyzer, your competition won't detect a thing! Our superior range of specially designed poker cards analyzers provide players with a subtle cheating strategy when playing cards.

Whether you're after a device you can sneak into your pocket, a barcode poker analyzer or even a Texas Holdem analyzer for your iPhone 6 - we've got all your needs sorted.

Master the art of deception with the best-selling CVK 350 Poker Analyzer, which boasts three signal frequencies for scanning various marked poker cards. This exceptional poker cards analyzer system includes an embedded barcode scanner.

Not allowed to put your phone on the table? Don't worry, because with our outstanding poker and playing cards analyzers, whereby some include up to three different signal frequencies, you'll be able to reach the external poker camera lens!

Our featured top-range poker cards analyzers are capable of great distances, including 20-40cm.

Playing Cards Analyzer

Revel in having an enhanced Double Lens Wallet Barcode Scanner, complete with extended scanning distances, improved scanner sizes, advanced security and much more.

Predict the outcome with the unparalleled All-in-one AKK K5 Poker Predictor, which proves the ultimate tool for reading invisible ink marked cards. This is made possible with an inimitable double infrared camera scanner lens in HD.

Our unmatched playing cards analyzers are available in various forms, providing you unlimited control over your environment. Leading by example, our assortment of Colorful Cigarette Lighter Playing Cards Scanners each contain an embedded mini scanning camera, perfect for lighter playing cards.

Now you see me, now you don't? Taking your poker face to a whole new level comes the Marked Cards Contact Lenses for Black Eyes, which allow you to read invisible inked cards. These lenses are available for different colored eyes.