Marked Playing Card Decks

With our extensive and renowned range of various marked cards, winning just became a whole lot easier for you! Easily mark any of our marked cards decks with invisible ink, then you can use one of our exceptional poker cheating devices to detect the markings.

Whether you’re searching for infrared eye contact lenses, a poker scanning camera or even a lighter as your next card hack strategy, we stock the ultimate range of devices - sure to really meet all of your card playing needs. 

Attain the perfect marked playing cards from leading playing cards suppliers Modiano, Modiano Skat, Lion, C&L, Royal and much more. These products allow you to easily mark any of these decks with an invisible ink marker. With our wares, you'll fast be on your way to a win!

Marked Cards For Sale

Regardless of your skill level, whether you play at a professional or beginner level - marked decks are one of the most popular cheating devices used worldwide. Redefine gambling as you control the environment, and may the odds always be in your favor!

Paving the way to the winner’s circle for countless players, the Golden Trophy Marked Cards from Modiano have created the perfect companion for any card game. These cards can be easily marked with infrared visible ink, which assures exceptional visibility in your upcoming poker game.

Unlike traditional playing cards, the marked poker cards we have in stock are 100% plastic, making them more durable and easier to shuffle with greater overall fluidity.

Marked Cards Magic Tricks

Some might consider cards marking the ultimate magic trick, and when you use our playing cards - you'll know exactly why!

Revel in custom designed 100% plastic Poker Cheat Marked Ken Arrow Playing Cards, sold as double decks - find out more.