Marked Poker Cards

Card marking has a long history. At the beginning of card marking, practices were simple and crude – even outright foolish. For example, players would bend the cards or add visible marks on the back with a needle or nails. They would even add or remove lines and patterns from the back of the card design.

Not many people will notice such a small change in the color or pattern – even a cheater won’t find such markings easily at first. But if you look at them from a short distance, these kinds of marked cards are easy to detect. Another fatal flaw is that they must be read close-up. Once luminous ink and juice ink arrived on the scene to make invisible marks, it proved a real breakthrough in the creation of poker cheat cards.

Fortunately, there are dedicated marked card deck manufacturers, so you don’t need to do it yourself. The most famous of these is the Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck, shown in stock below. You will find that its pattern is a little different to indicate the values of each card. These differences are made by the marked poker cards manufacturer, not the cards cheater, so it is called the Ultimate Marked Deck.

It's far from sensible to make marked cards by bending them or adding lines and patterns on the back. Why risk it when you can buy invisible ink marked cards to cheat at your next big poker game?