Remote Control Dice

The odds will always be in your favor with our unsurpassed selection of remote control dice. Know exactly which numbers will result and get the exact dice pips you desire!

With the best-selling Lucky Mercury Dice, you can control the exact pips you want to land on. This is made possible through an unprecedented, three-dimensional rhombohedron embedded inside the dice. Further to this, iron powder is replaced with mercury and firmly sealed, so the mercury is unrestricted in its movement - granting you complete control at a single knock of the dice.

Fixed dice, also known as gravity dice or loaded craps dice, is your fast solution to any dice-based game. Remote control dice grants any player total control, whereby the outcome will always be fixed.

Through our advanced technology, we can customise one, two or even three sides of the dice to be fixed in order to fulfil your gaming needs.

Set up a controlled environment with the extraordinary, Magic Magnet Remote Control IPC Dices Cheating Devices. Unlike traditional cheating devices, these remote control dice look just like standard dice - only embedded with a small magnet. These remote control dice come together with a remote control board, so you can revel in total wireless control and win every time.

Stay ahead of the competition with the phenomenal Electric Induction Dice, which are specially designed, so you can read the dice points before anyone else! These electronic dice, alternatively known as processed dice, feature a built-in mini electron.

Deviating from traditional processed dice comes the Cup Or Bowl Camera Dice, providing you invaluable insight - find out more.