Contact Lenses for Detecting Marked Playing Cards

Otherwise referred to as 'magic poker lenses', infrared contact lenses prove the absolute solution to detecting invisible ink marks on luminous marked playing cards.

Dominate any poker game with the industry’s most effective marked cards infrared contact lenses, specially designed to detect invisible ink markings on blue luminous infrared marked cards.

We also stock an innovative range of infrared camera lenses, available in various forms: from infrared sunglasses, to household items and even smart phones - our versatile product range has got your every need covered.

Infrared Contact Lenses

Read marked poker cards without your opponents suspecting a thing! Thanks to the advanced Marked Cards Contact Lenses, you can detect even the slightest invisible marks on special marked cards - and all at a reasonable price.

Simply put on a pair of these poker card lenses in the same way you'd put on normal eye contact lenses, then brace yourself for complete control. Master the art of total deception with superior contact lenses available for different eye colors.

With the distinguished C&L Omnipotent playing cards contact lens, you're granted the stellar potential to see any type of back marked deck cards, see through UV and IR ink. These contact lenses integrate the latest perspective technology, suitable for any eye color, while featuring an overall incredibly comfortable and thin design – keeping your eyes protected from any irritation occurring through the use of our products.

Luminous Marked Cards, Contact Lenses, Glasses Kits and More

No matter which type of cards you're dealing with, we have the perfect poker cheating devices to suit. It doesn't matter if your eyes are blue, black, brown or hazel, because we have it all!

Our handpicked selection of cheating devices for reading luminous marked cards assures success at any level, regardless of you being an amateur or a pro - we have what you need to win every time!