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PK King Playing Cards Analyzer

PK Poker Cards Analyzer to Getting Best Hand in Texas Holdem/Omaha/Blackjack

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Model PK series Scanning distance  20-40 cm
No. of game 3 games Built-in camera One/two cameras
Matched scanner Any model of poker scanner Matched marked cards Barcode marked deck

PK playing cards analyzer is the useful poker cheating device for casino games, it occupies a very important market share.

There are many PK poker card analyzers, like PK 518, PK S508, PK 718, PK S708, different choice for you. The newest poker analyzer device is PK 718 in 2018, it can put 5 games (more than other playing cards analyzers), such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Golden Flush, Ronda game and many other poker games. PK playing cards analyzer can help users to reduce the chance of losing by letting them know the poker results.

With a built-in dual camera lens, PK playing cards analyzer can read barcode cards as two times wider as its former generations. It can report poker results after reading the cards more quickly, accurately and stably no matter its screen faces up or down. The newest PK S708 device has a P5 Bluetooth power amplifier, which can make its reporting sound clearer even in the far distance. A remote control dedicated to the PK playing cards analyzer can remotely control the dual lens.

There are different program settings in our PK playing cards analyzer, like reading poker cards one by one or reporting poker results directly: the first winner, second winner or the rank of each poker hand. Users can hear the reporting sound clearly through an mini spy earpiece. The size of earpieces is smaller and it is less electrical noise, the voice is more clearly than before, the normal earpieces cannot hear the reporting from this playing cards analyzer.

Newest PK playing cards analyzer has one built-in camera to scan invisible bar-codes playing cards, and it can read the card in the range of 70 cm, all the reporting process just 0.1 seconds.

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