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Dices Bowl Scanner Camera

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Dice bowl scanner is a cheating tool installed a camera lens inside the dice bowl. The advantages of this scanning camera dice bowl are using normal dice and it no need to use with special dice board. The key to this bowl camera for cheating dices is that our technicians install a mini spy camera in the bowl. It's very secret so that others won't see any difference from the normal bowls.

Dice bowl scanning camera has another name, perspective dice bowl. A set of perspective dice bowl including a infrared camera, a remote control, a monitor, a walkie talkie and a spy mini earpiece. With the infrared camera lens, the scanner camera can read dices inside the bowl clearly. The monitor to show your partner the result of the rolling dice, and you can hear the game result with the spy earpiece from your partner. The whole process takes only two seconds.

In this kind of dices devices, the bowl can be also a cup to get the amazing camera to see the dices. As for the dices, no matter what color of dices, what kinds of material or what sizes of dices, they can work well with the bowl scanning camera!

 If you do not want to cooperate with others, you can try the fixed dice, mercury dice, radio wave dice and remote control dice. With these cheating dices, you can get the dice point you want.