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Craps dice of loaded dice

Cheating Dice Set of Loaded Dice

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Dice is a game tool or a gambling tool. In ancient times, it was a small cube made of bones, wood, etc., and the six sides were engraved with one two three four five six points, and some places were called scorpions. In theory, the probability of face-up after the dice are evenly drawn is equal.

Loaded dice generally is used for Backgammon, mahjong, chess and other games.

The principle is to dig out some part of the dice, and install some sands or stones inside, so the part you change the material will be heavier than the normal one. According to gravity principle, the dots you put with sands or stones will be a little heavier, so the side (dot) will be down. If you change the part of No.1, then No.6 will be face up. No matter how you throw the dice, it will always come out the number that you choose.

Loaded dice is also called fixed point dice. The processed side can up to three faces, but most of the customers just ask for one side, because the accuracy is 100 percent.

Loaded dice is powerful and complete, safe and reliable, and the strongest in actual combat. It has the following advantages:

1. There is no need to put anything above or under the dice table.

2. There are any venue restrictions.

3. It is in small size, portable, easy to operate, and safe and concealed without any flaws.

4. Here is no need to install anything at the scene.

5. The accuracy rate is 100%, and the see-through effect is only 0.1 second.

6. No ordinary cup bowl dice are processed.