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Mercury dice to get points you want

Mercury Loaded Dice

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Mercury loaded dice can be used in the magic show or the dice game. This is a existing news for someone likes to play dice games. From its name we can learn that is dice loaded with mercury, which can make the dice roll and fall with the number as you need.

Many color can be made, such as the white, purple, black, red, blue. Even transparent color dice can also be made with some certain numbers.

The processing for making this kind of dice is complicated. Which need to dig a hole on the normal dice, and put the mercury inside, and seal the dice with the original dice material.

It works for the magician as the magic tool. When magician let you check with the dice, it is like a normal one if you just check the surface.

The magic spell happen when you use this kind of magic trick dice. You just need to put it on the table or ground several seconds, let the mercury liquid flow to one side of dice, then you throw the dice to let it fall, the number will be same as you need when the dice face up. Some magician said if we cannot wait long time to let the mercury flow naturally, how to make the mercury loaded dice ready faster? Yes, there is a quicker way. Take the dice number which you hope to appear face up, shake and knock the opposite number on table as normal. After that, the real magic turn out to be true. The number is up to your demand, whichever number you want, whichever number you take.

With the mercury loaded dice and your best luck, you can enjoy yourself at the dice game without any failure.