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X Ray Playing Cards Contact Lenses

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Model X-ray contact lenses Origin China
Water content ≥ 50% Validity period About half a year
Applicable people All of the user Application Magic, poker cheat, casino game

Except for the UV marked cards and IR marked deck, do you know about x-ray marked cards? X-ray contact lenses is the tool to read the x-ray poker deck. It is the latest poker contact lenses so far in the market.

X-ray contact lenses  not only can be used in casino games, such as Texas Holdem, 4 cards Omaha, blackjack and baccara, but also any other game with poker. Now, these super awesome x-ray contact lenses are available for purchase in Markedcardsshop. It will not change the color of your eyes after you put it on. It's secret and safe.

The tips for the x-ray contact lenses

  1. Do not use more than 8 hours at one time.
  2. Please wash your hand before you wearing the lenses.
  3. Please keep the lenses in the pure water.