Infrared Marked Cards

Whether you're playing a classic game of poker or Texas Holdem, we only stock the best infrared marked cards to fulfil all of your gaming needs!

Shop from our wide collection of playing cards from world-renowned brands Fournier, Paper Bicycle, Copag, Piatnik, Modiano, Aviator.

Take complete control and gain an instant advantage over your opponents with infrared marked cards. Simply mark playing cards with one of our invisible ink pens, detect the ink markings wearing our Infrared Contact Lenses and may the odds be in your favor!

Unrivalled Infrared Marked Cards For The Win

Taking the lead comes the best-selling Jumbo Bike Infrared Juice Cards from globally-renowned brand Modiano.

Dominate any game of poker with one of our specially designed decks to suit! Revel in a traditional old trophy design embodying classic motorcycle back patterns with these 100% plastic infrared marked cards from Modiano. These completely plastic cards offer several advantages over standard playing cards, including more durability, easier to shuffle and greater fluidity overall.

Looking for a more universal design? Not to worry, because with the ever-popular MCG Copag 4 Pip Jumbo Marked Cards - you'll be ready for any game! These playing cards are suitable for various card playing games and can be marked using either infrared or ultra-violet ink, find out more.

The Real Deal Made Easy

Who ever said anything about luck? We stock the ultimate poker cheating devices to cover every aspect of the game!

Choose the perfect deck of playing cards, mark the cards using one of our invisible ink markers, detect the markings by wearing infrared eye contact lenses, remote control the dice, use a hidden camera scanner to scan the infrared marked cards and of course, act surprised when you win!