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Fournier 818 Marked Playing Cards Paper Plastic Coated Cards

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Brand Fournier 818 Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Included 52 cards + 2 Jokers
Origin Spain Application Poker cheat, magic show

Fournier 818 playing cards can be made into cheating playing cards with invisible ink. Except for printed with invisible ink, Fournier 818 poker deck can be marked with other cards markings, for example, adding or altering the pattern design on the back, of course, you need to order a number of quantities.

Fournier 818 poker cards are manufactured by FOURNIER COMPANY. Fournier is one of the most famous brands worldwide, it supplies playing cards to leading European casinos and now their exquisite playing cards are available to home players.

Frankly speaking, printed with invisible ink is the most efficient way in poker cheating. You just need to wear a pair of luminous contact lenses, you can see the cards' suits and value directly. No partners, no suspicious.

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