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Barcode poker cards Fournier 2818 cards

Fournier Barcode Poker Cards

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Fournier barcode poker cards mostly use in Europe, they are the helping tools of poker analyzer system. Most poker players like to use poker analyzer cheating system to cheat at Omaha, Texas hold’em, blackjack, Crazy Pineapple, Andar bahar and other kinds of poker game. However, do you pay attention that what kind of barcode marked cards people use?

When you use the poker cheating system, you have to use the barcode cards. What are barcode poker cards? Maybe most people who have not used these products want to know. Unlike luminous marked cards for the special contact lenses, which tell you the poker points and the poker suits on the back of the marked playing cards, barcode cards are used in poker scanning systems.

No matter what brand of barcode marked cards, they are suitable for poker analyzer to cheat at many kinds of poker game. Barcode poker cards are processed by a special invisible ink with the latest technology. These barcodes on the edged cannot be seen by naked eyes of poker players. Only these barcode poker cards can be read by poker scanning system.after scanning the barcode marks, the poker analyzer will tell you the winning  hand within 0.1 second.

People can choose their cards to play poker, like Fournier 2800, Fournier 2818, Fournier WSOP, Fournier EPT and so on. Different countries can choose different Fournier poker cards in our marked cards shop, we offer all Fournier barcode poker cards for all clients' need.

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