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Fournier 2500 Marked Poker Cards with Invisible Ink

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Brand Fournier Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Regular Index
Origin Spain Material 100% plastic

Fournier 2500 marked poker cards are widely used in European countries. All cards are imported from their origin of country. The quality is guaranteed. When we get these cards, we will adjust the ink to mark them so the markings are not visible by naked eyes. And the color difference is not obvious.

Marked cards are invisible so we have to need the help of detecting devices. For different kinds of marked decks, we have need to use different tools to read markings. Generally, we will mark Fournier 2500 poker decks into 3 kinds:

  1. Barcode marked playing cards for analyzer
  2. Invisible ink marked cards for contact lenses
  3. Infrared marked decks for camera

fournier 2500 marked cards types

How to Use Fournier 2500 Marked Poker Cards?

When you want to use marked decks in gambling, you need to prepare the readers in advance. Let’s see how barcode Fournier 2500 marked cards work in gambling. Before poker gambling, you need to prepare the cards and poker analyzer phone. They are 2 necessary items. If you don’t want to put the phone on table, you can prepare an extra wireless camera to scan the cards.

You need to set up how many players in gambling and then enter the game. You need to scan the cards after shuffling. Otherwise, the result is not accurate. After scanning the cards, the analyzer will report the winner to you with Bluetooth earphone.

But if you use cards with back markings, you need to prepare another devices to read cards. And unlike barcode marked cards, this kind of cards just will let you know what cards the opponents hold. So you need to figure out who is the winner by yourself. All marked cards are easy to use even if you are newbies for this.

When you decide to buy Fournier 2500 marked cards, you need to pay attention to the details because Fournier 2800 poker cards are similar with them. I show you the differences between these 2 cards, so you can make it clear when you order. Let the Fournier 2500 marked poker cards help you win in gambling.

the difference of fournier 2500

the difference of fournier 2800