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Fournier Spanish No.1 Marked Cards with 40 Cards

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Brand Fournier No.1 Material Paper cards
Color Red & blue Marked cards type Back-side contact lenses marked cards
Origin Spain Marked cards ink Invisible/luminous ink

Introduction of Fournier Spain No.1 Playing Cards

Fournier is a well known Spanish playing card manufacturer. They provide products for demanding consumers from all over the world. Fournier playing cards covers all possible card games as well as traditional games.

The Spanish playing cards from Fournier are widely used throughout Europe by casinos and poker clubs in poker games. Each Fournier product is a labor of love from their master printer. Its quality is based on an exclusive selection of raw materials and a manufacturing process equipped with strict quality controls that result in a unique product.

Fournier No.1 is one of the hot selling products of Fournier. It is featuring beautiful designs, these cards are perfect for Spanish card games like Mus, Briscas and Tute. It is the most popular selection for poker lovers. Unlike traditional poker or bridges decks, the Fournier Spain No.1 contains 40 cards. There are 4 suits of the cards: clubs, coins, cups, and swords. The size of the cards also slightly larger length. It can expand your gaming horizons with this beautiful deck.

Fournier Spain No.1 Marked Decks of Cards

Fournier Spain No.1 marked card is a poker cheating way base on the original Fournier playing cards.

The quality of Fournier playing cards is so great that we can mark the cards perfectly. You can made it into cards with mark or cards with invisible barcode surrounded by four corners. When you see the marked cards with your naked eyes, the cards look likes the normal one. The mark is hard to be discovered by your friends. That's mean you need a poker device. Contact lenses for seeing marks or camera for scanning the invisible barcode can give you a favor to see through the marks.

Fournier Spain No.1 marked cards not only can remind you of the memory to play poker game with your family but also help you win more in the game.