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Invisible Ink Dal Negro Texas Holdem Cards Read by Luminous Contact Lenses

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Brand Dal Negro Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin Italy Processed way Marked cards printer with invisible ink


Dal negro playing card is one of the best quality poker cards that is made in Italy and very popular use in Europe. Invisible Dal negro Texas Holdem cards refers to the marked playing cards of Dal negro Texas poker with infrared ink marks for poker sunglasses or contact lenses.

Dal Negro Playing Cards have been manufactured in Italy since 1756.  Dal Negro has a reputation for making thick plastic playing cards. They also have more artistic elements on both the faces and the backs of the cards. The Dal Negro Texas Holdem Poker Playing cards are made of 100% PVC Plastic that can lasts 20 - 50 times longer than paper cards.

Dal negro Texas Holdem playing cards come with 2 decks in a hard cover cardboard case or  single decks available in red and blue. They are in poker size of about 63x89 mm with two jumbo index.

With the high quality playing cards and invisible ink kit, we can mark very good quality marked decks of Dal negro Texas Holdem playing cards, which looks exactly the same as the normal clean playing cards.

The invisible ink Dal negro Texas Holdem marked poker cards are processed with the invisible marks on the back of playing cards. The marks is unreadable from our naked eyes or camera lens and only the special IR contact lenses can read or detect that luminous ink marks. They can help you enjoy the poker games or magic shows in a very secret way. If you use this kind of marked poker cards in poker games, wearing a pair of infrared ink contact lenses, you can know the suit and number of the poker face of cards even if they face down. Thus you are able to play with more confidence and caution at each poker section and enjoy the poker games a lot.

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