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Modiano Club Bridge Poker Regular Index Marking Poker Cards

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Brand Modiano Club Bridge Size Bridge size
Color Red & blue & green & brown Index Regular index
Origin Italy Marked type Invisible ink back-side marked cards


Modiano Club Bridge marked poker cards are the original Modiano playing cards with invisible ink marking on the back so that users with infrared contact lenses can see the luminous invisible ink marks while others with naked eyes can't see that marks.
Club Bridge is one of the best Modiano plastic playing cards that offer affordable Italian craftsmanship with beautiful, vivid, crisp designs. Modiano Club Bridge playing cards have a slightly grainy texture to improve their feel, and offer the dealer better control. Modiano Club Bridge playing cards come in sets with double decks, which are available in sets of red and blue decks, or green and orange decks. They have durable and attractive protective plastic case for protecting the cards.  There is simply no better way to describe Modiano Club Bridge playing cards than as the complete playing card solution. Modiano cards are extremely playable without sacrificing durability, resilience, or sharpness.

Invisible ink markings of Club Bridge marked cards

Modiano Club Bridge plastic playing cards pop with colors, the reds and blacks are brilliantly printed on the faces. And for the marked deck of Club Bridge cards, our technicians mark special invisible juice marks on the back indicating the suits and numbers. There're several kinds of markings for the Club Bridge marked decks. 1stly, we can mark invisible big marks, with number in the middle and suits on the two opposite corners. 2ndly, smaller marks can be made in four corners, including both numbers and suits. 3rdly, since there are white side border on the back, we can mark tiny marks indicating suits and numbers on the white border. Usually the tiny boarder marks are black ink marks to infrared contact lenses and of course invisible to naked eyes. Other marks can usually be luminous red marks or invisible dark blue marks to the marked cards readers such as infrared glasses. Since our technicians can mark the playing cards well by advanced machine, people can't see the marks with naked eyes at all.
Usually, if there's no special requirements, we will mark the cards in the best way with the best marks that we can. And please let us know if you have special needs about the markings.

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