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luminous ink kits for marking poker cards

Cards Marking Ink/UV Ink/IR Ink

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If you would like to make the marked cards by yourself, cards marking ink is one of the necessary tools.

You can write down any sign you like with this marked cards ink. The marks can't be read with naked eyes. Marks made by luminous spy ink is invisible, unless you wear a pair of special UV invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses.

There are different kinds of playing cards such as Modiano, Fournier, NTP for you to make marked deck. If you don't like the invisible cheating marks of our cards, design your own marks. Our technician can make any marks on the back of the playing cards. We have professional technicians and advanced machines for producing marking deck. If you really want use invisible ink to mark cards by yourself, you may have a try. But frankly speaking, the marks made by our technician and marked cards sprinter are more clear and systematic.

How to make a marked deck of cards with playing cards ink?

Invisible ink can be applied to writing the mark on the back of the playing cards. Suppose your poker cards color pattern is red, I recommend that you can mark the cards with big font in the middle or small font in the four corners. However, if the pattern is blue, you should mark with big font in the middle. These suggestions can optimize your playing cards. The most commonly used sign such as Horizontal bar stands for Club, Vertical bar stands for Diamond, Circle stands for Heart, Blank stands for Spade.

How to trick in a poker game? Cards marking ink is a tool which help you write an invisible sign on the poker. When you play with your friends, with the help of infrared poker reader, you can beat your friends without any efforts.

Buy the cards marking ink to make your own and unique poker playing cards.