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Scanning dice cup for dice tricks

Dice Cup Scanner Camera

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Dice cup scanner camera help you see through the point of dices in a cup!

We often play roll-the-dice game. Typically, the higher point, better it is. But you can not control the dice value or know about the value in advance. There comes a useful tool, dice cup infrared camera. Using new kind of high-tech IR camera to hide on the top of the dice cup,  you can see the dice value from a display screen.
This dice cup scanner camera is popular with board game enthusiasts.

How to implement dice cup spy camera? 

A full set of poker cheating dice device contains a infrared camera dice cup, display screen and a spy earpiece. They used together to help you win in the dice game.

How does scanning camera dice cup work? There is a signal generator behide the IR camera, when you turn on the camera, the receiver inside the display screen will receive the signal, and you can see the dice value. Of cause, you need a partner to tell you the result by a walkie talkie. The camera is hard to be discovered. Unless you get a hammer to smash it. The scanner camera dice cup is different from radio wave dice, it's rechargeble. You can save a big expenditure in cheating device.

The dices cup camera lens work for dices only

There are many kinds of poker camera, most of them are used to scan the barcode poker cards. But the dice cup scanner camera is only applied to the dice.

The shape of dice can be tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron. No matter which shape or material of dice, our dice cup scanner camera can read it clearly.

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