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Marked Fournier No.12 Spanish Naipes 40 Cartas with Invisible Juice

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Brand Fournier Size Bridge size
Color Red & blue Marked cards ink Invisible ink/infrared ink
Origin Italy Reader Marked card contact lenses

Fournier No.12 marked cards are particularly used for card tricks and games. They are increasingly well received by poker lovers and magicians.

Strict quality control of Fournier playing cards

Fournier supplies playing cards to leading European casinos, and now their exquisite 100% plastic playing cards are available to home players.

  • Fournier No.12 is made from the same proprietary materials and undergoes the same rigorous quality control procedures as those used for high-end casino customers.
  • Includes 52 cards and two jokers. The size is poker standard size.
  • Made in Spain, these cards are top-of-the-line and will impress card players.

Fournier marked cards with invisible juice

Fournier No.12 can be made into marked cards of high quality. You can read the invisible mark with the help of IR contact lenses or luminous sunglasses. There are no differences between the playing cards and the marking cards. The marking juice is invisible to your naked eyes. Moreover, you can make it into barcode marked cards. It is different from the cards with markings on the back. When you use spy contact lenses, you can't see the barcode, and you need a poker camera and poker analyzer to help you read the barcode and know the result.

How to cheat in the poker game with invisible juice Fournier No.12 cards?

Whether you want to make invisible cheating cards or marked cards with the invisible barcode, Fournier playing cards are perfect enough to make it. How to cheat in poker games? First of all, you need good quality marked cards. What's more, you need a device to help you see the invisible markings. Then, finally, you can play professionally in the game.

Fournier No.12 marked poker is your smartest choice. Visit our website to find more related products.