Poker Phone Camera

Poker Card Camera Cell Phone

  • $1,800.00

Poker card camera cell phone, it is a cell phone that can work as a poker card camera and use to scan bar-codes edge sides marking playing cards. This is the new design poker card camera, it looks the same to the original cell phone. We will install a mini camera inside the phone. After we set the poker camera, it will be cell phone poker card camera which can be used to scan marked cards for poker predictors.

Cell phone is a very common product, so even you put it on the table, people will not pay attention to it. It is a also smart phone, different brands are available, iPhone, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI and so on.

We will make the cell phone poker card camera as our customers’ requirement and make different frequency for the camera, so that the card camera will be able to work with your poker analyzers. No matter what kind of poker analyzer you have, AKK, CVK, PK King, we can make correct frequency to work with your certain poker reader as your requirement.

As for the scanning distance of phone poker card camera, you will have some different options, as we can make 8 - 15cm, 10 - 20cm, 20 - 40cm, 40 - 60cm, 60 - 80cm and so on.

This cell phone poker card camera can be changed batteries, so that you don’t need to worry about the battery will run out of power during your poker games. You can take several batteries to the poker club, after the battery in the poker card camera is finished power, you can go to the toilet or other places where no one will notice to change another battery and go back to continue your game.