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PK S708 Analyzer Texas and Omaha Poker Cheat

PK S708 Wide-Range Scanning Distance Poker Analyzer - Texas and Omaha Poker Cheat

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Model PK S708 No. of game 3 games
Remote control 1 controller Battery time About 3 hours
Scanning distance 20-80 cm Scanning deck 2 decks

PK S708 poker analyzer came into the market in the beginning of 2017, as the latest model analyzer at that time. It is always one representative product of PK King series cards cheating products.

S708 playing cards analyzer is in the more beautiful looks than the earlier models ones such as S518 poker cards analyzers. The same as the traditional PK marked cards analyzers, this calculator analyzer app can get as many as 5 poker games such as Blackjack, Brazilian Rhonda, Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Russian Seca game, Flush game and so on.

Advantage of PK King S708 Poker Analyzer in English Version

Most of the poker card analyzer apps are in language of English so as to meet most players' need, since English is the first language in the world. Here it refers to the language of the voice that  reports you the results. PK 708 scanning analyzer reports the poker games result or winning hands in English. And for seldom ones, those who don't understand English, there is other device to get the results. 

In addition to the spy earpiece, the Bluetooth smart watch with time mode is good for people to see the poker results secretly. It is exactly in the time mode and tells the time when without games. People can just see a smart watch and nothing difference.

And the language in the phone setting can be about 60 kinds of languages from which you can choose. It is quite easy to set one suitable one. And also we have instruction to show it. It is just normal smart phone and very convenient to use and change the language to adapt to your local ones.

One of the most advantages of PK S708 scanner analyzer is the far scanning distance of the built-in scanner camera in the phone analyzer. It is a breakthrough that this local poker camera can scan a wide range of 30-80cm, which is much wider distance than other smart cell phone analyzers.