Infrared glasses for poker cheating

Poker Cheating Glasses

  • $50.00

Poker cheating glasses do not have the function of correcting the short sight. The glasses filter is coated with some special ink. From the surface, it is looks like a normal pair of glasses. But the real usage is for reading the poker trick marking cards. The glasses filter is coated with some special ink.

Why this object be created? At nowadays, most of poker player want to enjoy at poker game when they are playing cards with their friends or families. They want to win due to show off or get benefits emotional. By this reason, this kind of glasses was invented. And this is not the only one. But why poker players like to use poker cheating glasses? The reasons are as following.

Firstly, the poker cheating glasses is very easy to use. Wear the glasses as the normal one, then you read the invisible ink mark on the playing cards, and take off the glasses at any time you want. And it also can help you to cover the eyes, no other players can read any emotional information from your eyes. Unlike the contact lenses products, it need to take the solution liquid to wash them, and glasses also no need to contact with your naked eyes ball directly. It makes things more simple for those people who are unable to put the lens inside eyes.

Secondly, it is very safe that only one people can operate it. There is no need a extra partner. It help to save your secret from others.

Thirdly, The price of the glasses is very cheaper than any other trick products. We call it "low investment, high return" by real. We know this type of poker cheating glasses can be used in any poker game, such as baccarat, Texas Holdem, Seka, Omaha, Honda. It can work with different type of the playing cards. It is a multi-purpose cheating products.