Weighted dice for cheating

Weighted Dice

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Weighted dice is dice that is modified so that some numbers will come up more often than probability would predict, we also called it as " percentage dice " and " fixed dice".

The most common method of cheating at craps is using loaded dice. It is very common in casino and private games for players to use loaded dice to get an edge over the other players.

Weighted dice, as the name implies, this dice is a little heavier than the normal dice, because the dices need the extra weight put on them to change the center of mass and alter how they will land on the table.

When we process the not transparent dice for weighted dice, we will put some very small sand inside the dice, the sand won't be very heavy, just make one face or two faces or three faces of the dice a little heavier than others, so that you can get the dice point that you want. While when we process the transparent dice into weighted dice, we only can put the very small sand inside the white dots, the desired effect is to have one side of the dice heavier so it lands on a specific face, but because the white dots are small, we can't put more sand inside them, so the effect of the transparent weighted dice is not very good.

The weighted dice can be used in many dice games, we can make the weighted dice for 1 face, 2 faces and 3 faces. For example: if we process the weighted dice for point 6, so when you throw the dice, the dice will always come out point 6, the accuracy is 99%. if we process the weighted dice for 2 faces " point 5 and point 6", so the dice will come out point 5 or point 6 randomly, the accuracy is 95%.