Marked cards contact lenses

Marking Cards Contact Lenses

  • $300.00

Marking cards contact lenses are the infrared contact lenses that can read the invisible marked playing poker for card tricks. Our marked cards shop sells invisible liquid marking poker cards and the Chinese infrared lenses that can pick up the special liquid marked deck of playing cards.

Poker games of playing cards is currently famous and popular all over the world that it brings lots of opportunities to earn or lose money. Usually it's the god that help those who wins the games and now there're spy playing cards contact lenses existing. With the marking poker contact lenses, you can either enjoy winning the poker games with luminous juiced playing cards, or detect the playing cards and stop others using such spy poker cards for cheating in the games.

 We also use the best range of contact lens that is necessary for involving techniques for designing the spy contact lenses. It provides a unique way for earning money accordingly and meets success in the playing cards.

Being made of very soft HEMA material, our infrared red contacts are ideal people's long time use without causing any troubles or harms to the eye health.

This is necessary for the players meet only success when they avail our contact lenses for playing cards. These are specially used in poker games and hence utilize anytime when they play the game. With such amazing contact lenses users can get the extra advantage over his opponents without their knowledge.

Just as swords have double edges, the marking card contact lenses have both advantages and disadvantages. If you takes good use of it, it will bring you great benefits. But if you treat it roughly and proudly arrogant, you need to face and accept the consequences of it. Thus it is important that you take good care and use if these amazing device.