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Professional IR Contacts Lenses to See Through Cards

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Model IR contact lenses Pupil diameter 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm
Water content ≥ 50% Validity period About 1 year
Original China Application poker tricks, magic show, home game

IR contact lenses is a great poker cheating device that work with marked playing cards, enjoyed by many poker players all over the world. The Users of these amazing invisible ink contact lenses can see those invisible IR marks on the backs of regular playing cards by wearing IR contact lenses.  

Marked cards shop is one of our stores and sites in China to sell IR marked cards contact lenses. Our company has about 13 years experience in marking and selling marked cards with infrared contacts. We have earned much trust and have many regular clients and customers from the Europe and American market so far.  It maintains its decorum as the most prestigious company and help to make both us and the customers in a double win situation.

Spy playing cards contact lenses is the prior product of our company and it is very safe to use in casinos or other poker games. The invisible ink contact lenses is something that others won't find easily and it's adorable to see the invisible marks printed at the back of playing cards by using luminous technology.

Get high quality infrared contacts to enjoy poker.

When use the marked poker cards in poker games, users have to wear the invisible contact lens to see the luminous marks, since the invisible marks can’t seen by the naked eyes. With the invisible lenses, you can take your move secretly and no one is able to catch your tricks and you can easily get the victory.

Please note that the IR contact lenses must be professional and in high quality so that you can see the luminous marks clearly and no harm to your eyes. Being different to the marked cards sunglasses, the contact lenses must be in good quality rather than in lower price. The safety of eyes heath should always come in the first place. Our professional IR contact lenses will never let you down.