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Modiano Bike Trophy Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

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Brand Modiano
Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index 4pips, Regular indes
Origin Italy
Material 100% plastic

Modiano Bike Trophy marked cards are good helpers for poker cheating because they can help players know what cards are they even if the cards are face-down. These cards are marked with special ink which is not visible for naked eyes. What’s more, we will repack the cards after markings. From the appearance, you can’t distinguish marked cards from normal playing cards. So there is a tip: don’t put marked poker cards together with original cards.

Unless markings for contact lenses, Modiano Bike Tophy poker cards can be made different markings. With different ink types, we need to use corresponding devices to read cards. There are 3 main marking types:

  1. UV markings for contact lenses
  2. IR markings for IR camera
  3. Barcode markings for analyzer

The first markings and the third markings are widely used. Most players are familiar with them. So i mainly introduce how IR markings work.

spectrum for modiano bike trophy

How does Modiano Bike Trophy Marked Cards with IR Markings Work?

Bike Trophy marked decks with IR markings are similar with UV markings. Both of them are marked on the backs of cards. But from the picture below, you can see UV and IR are in different ranges of spectrum. So they use different devices to detect the markings.

These cards can’t be detected by players with UV contact lenses and its markings won’t be exposed under most lights. So Modiano Bike Trophy marked cards with IR markings are great devices for some gambling places where players will check cards with currency detector.

Modiano Bike Trophy IR marked playing cards need to work with IR camera, and you also need to prepare a screen to see the markings. Generally, you can use your computer or TV as a screen. You only need a signal receiver to get the information from IR camera. For security, the screen and camera should be in different rooms. So you need a partner to monitor the screen and inform you the results during gambling.

Modiano Bike Trophy cards have the same back pattern with Modiano Jumbo Bike cards. But their indexes are different. Bike Trophy poker cards have 4pips regular index while Jumbo Bike cards have 2pips jumbo index. When you make an order, please pay attention to the details.

modiano bike trophy and jumbo bike poker cards