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Casino Supply Bee No.92 Regular Index Marked Poker Deck

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Brand Bee no.92 Size Poker size regular index
Color Red & blue Processed type Invisible ink, IR ink
Origin USA Application Texas Holdem, Omaha cheat


BEE 92 regular index marked poker deck, actually, is not a fresh stuff no longer. They are well-known by experienced poker players and bring great benefits. Traditional ways to create BEE 92 marked deck are involving altering poker cards patterns, such as adding hieroglyphics, removing backside lines and so on. The advanced way to produce marked cheating decks is using luminous ink, making unseen markings on the back of BEE 92 poker. Special ink marked casino card is more effective and convenient, and the first type of marked cards needed to be customized in large order.

BEE 92 is one of the BEE casino card brand, which is comparable to Bicycle playing cards. However, Bicycle is not as frequently used in casinos, but BEE is often found in movies.
All in all, it is not easy to detect the tricks of marked BEE 92 deck, unless you have to use specialized cheating devices.

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