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Phoenix Marked Blue Playing Cards With Traditional Cards Marking

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Brand Phoenix Size Poker size
Color Red Marked type Traditional cards marking
Origin Brazil Marking way Cut, bend, printed


To the beginning, the Phoenix deck was designed for magicians, with gradual improvement in cards marking, in the last century, Phoenix ultimate marked cards were used by poker player for cards cheating.

Going one important step further: Phoenix brand altered playing cards are produced in the highest quality level: Casino Grade. Superior to any Bicycle Deck in standard Supermarket Quality. All are specially designed for better visibility. Fine details make them beautiful for close-up reading. Also, these fine details blur out on distance and will get invisible on across the poker table.

The back design is modern and classy, not too fancy to draw suspicion. The back design has a very visible but pretty well hidden one-way marking. The Phoenix card case uses the traditional layout of the Bicycle card case; also there are NO tricks or information on the card case that the cards are optimized for magicians. So you are able to leave the cards on the table after your performance as a souvenir for your audience. The faces also have a well hidden, but very visible one-way marking, a unique feature of all Phoenix Decks.

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