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Bicycle Marked Playing Cards with Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

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Brand Bicycle Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo/standard index
Origin USA Marked type Invisible ink back-side marked cards

Marked Bicycle cards are very widely used in USA and other countries, there are paper and plastic marked Bicycle cards, but the plastic marked Bicycle cards are more popular than paper marked Bicycle cards, because they are 100% plastic which makes them the most durable kind of cards.

We have the best quality plastic marked bicycle cards for sale, which can work with cheating cards lenses and luminous ink glasses, also can work with poker winner predictor.

Plastic Bicycle cards

The plastic bicycle cards are durable, washable. They're made by the US Playing Card Company and are perfect for those people who like to perform in the bath or hot tub (you know who you are) as they're completely water proof.

Many professionals prefer the flexibility and durability of plastic cards. Bicycle Prestige offers unmatched durability and is the only 100% plastic cards to offer a paper-like feel. Perfect for a neighborhood game or a professional tournament.

There are two types of plastic bicycle cards: prestige bicycle cards with small index and prestige bicycle cards with jumbo index, these two types of plastic bicycle cards all can be processed into invisible ink playing cards.

Plastic Bicycle invisible ink playing cards

Plastic Bicycle cards can be marked with different invisible ink, after the cards finish marking, you can see the invisible marks clearly under IR light, and these invisible marks can't be discovered with naked eyes. Both the red and blue deck plastic bicycle cards can be marked, but the invisible ink marks on red deck are better than the blue deck.

Once you have the plastic bicycle invisible ink playing cards, the invisible ink reader is the necessary tool to work together with them. The easiest and convenient invisible ink readers are cheating cards lenses and luminous ink glasses.

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