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Marked Cards Poker KEM Arrow Playing Cards Bridge Size Regular Index

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Brand KEM Arrow Size  Poker size/bridge size
Color Red & blue & brow & black Material Plastic
Origin USA Reading tool Infrared contact lenses, poker analyzer


KEM playing cards are made of 100% Plastic-Cellulose Acetate which is virtually impossible to mark or dent, and because of its back pattern, it will be more difficult to mark with invisible ink.
Some company sells KEM marked decks but the quality is not so good. Some customers said they get sticky KEM cards and some said what they got are broken and the marks are visible to naked eyes.

Our company has 13 years of experience in marking cards. With experienced technicians and most advanced marking machine, we can printed the marked poker cards KEM with strong and clear invisible ink marks. Just like other brand of marked cards, EM marked deck can be made into contact lenses marked cards, infrared poker deck and invisible barcode poker.
If you have partner, you can choose IR marked cards. Only long-distance poker camera can see the hidden marks of infrared poker deck. So even you wear marked cards contact lenses,
you can not detect the infrared poker deck.

If you do not want to have partner, try invisible ink marked cards, you can see the hidden marks on the back of the KEM marked cards. While barcode marked cards you can work alone as well as to cooperate with others.

Note: the price here is for one set of 2 decks KEM marked cards, can be red and blue, or gold and black.

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