Marked Kem Playing Cards

  • $160.00

Luminous invisible ink KEM marked playing cards of good quality is not so  easy to get in the market except our company. It's wrote on the pack of KEM playing cards that KEM are made of 100% Plastic-Cellulose Acetate which is virtually impossible to mark or dent, which means the KEM playing cards are really difficult to mark. Some company sells KEM marked decks but the quality is not so good. Some customers said they get sticky KEM cards and some said what they got are broken and the marks are visible to naked eyes. They are true situations.

Our company has a cards marking history of 13 years with the experienced technicians and most advanced marking machine. Now we can mark and sell very good quality KEM marked decks with luminous ink marks for perspective lenses or glasses.

We also experienced failure of marking KEM cards in the past years during which our technicians spent lots of time, energy and ink marking KEM cards, failed, then trying again. Again and again, we found that the KEM cards are very easy to be broken when being exposed to the air. Sometimes, the face and back of KEM decks were cracking while they had been made a layer of paint and were waiting the technicians to test the marks. Sometimes the KEM marked cards were sticky and all pieces became one thick single one. There were always some problems. Our technicians tried their best to solve them one by one and finally we can always make good marked decks of KEM cards now.

KEM Arrow playing cards are in colors of red, blue, gold and black. There are poker sizes ones and bridge sizes ones, with jumbo index or regular index. Here we offer all there KEM playing cards with luminous ink marks on the back. We mark them with invisible marks indicating the numbers and suits for IR or UV poker contact lenses to see.

Note: the pirce here is for one set of 2 decks KEM marked cards, can be red and blue, or gold and black.