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Modiano Texas Poker Jumbo Deck Invisible Ink Marked Cards

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Brand Modiano Texas Size Poker size
Color Red, blue, orange, etc Index Jumbo index
Origin Italy Marked cards ink Invisible/luminous ink

Modiano Texas poker cards marking is a practical and helpful way for poker tricks with the related playing cards contact lenses. Modiano Texas Holdem marking deck is one of the best marked poker cards in the market, according to two advantage. By one hand, the Modiano deck of playing cards is in very high quality itself so as to meet the casinos' need of cool playing experience. By the other hand, the Modiano Texas poker cards can be marked to be good quality juice marked Modiano Texas invisible ink decks by our technicians with special marking device and ink.

Modiano Texas Poker playing cards

Modiano Cards are thicker and heavier than any other 100% plastic playing card in the market today. Once you deal Modiano you will recognize the substantial feel that only Modiano provides and never want to deal flimsy light weight cards again.

Specification of Modiano Texas Holem Poker Cards

    • Casino quality 100% plastic playing cards
    • Size: Poker Size - Wide Size
    • Index: 2PIP Jumbo Index
    • Deck colors: red, blue, green, orange, brown, dark green, light blue, purple
    • Great for all poker card games or any other card game!

Modiano Texas Poker marked decks with invisible marks

Our company import the original Italian made Modiano playing cards from Europe to keep cards always in stock. Also you can send us your own cards. Then the technical staffs mark these playing cards with our special ink and cards marking device in the factory. So that we can always have the high quality Modiano marked cards for sale in our marked cards shop.

Just as the clean playing cards, the marked decks of Modaino Texas poker cards are also available in 8 colors such and red, blue, orange and so on. And for the infrared ink marks, it can be big marks in the middle or small marks in four corners, all indicating the suits and numbers.

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