WSOP Marking Poker Cards

  • $75.00

WSOP marking poker cards are processed with special luminous ink and the original playing cards for WSOP tournaments. Being exactly the same looks as the original WSOP poker decks, WSOP marked cards can work well instead the normal playing cards.

The World Series of Poker is a series of poker tournaments held annually in Las Vegas. Every year WSOP poker games cooperate with the playing cards company and have their official playing cards, which are 100% plastic ones. For example, the COPAG plastic playing cards are the official playing cards of the World Series of Poker and are the same playing cards used at all the WSOP events this year.

Someone might ask if our WSOP marked deck of cards are original and if they can be used in the games. Just take it easy

All our WSOP cards are the original ones imported to China. Here we have Copag WSOP cards, Fournier WSOP playing cards in stock and we mark these good quality playing cards with invisible ink by poker cards marking devices as soon as there are orders. Our marking cards technicians have very good skills and experience and can mark these cards perfectly. The marked decks of WSOP playing cards look the same as the original clean ones and people can not see any marks or signs with naked eyes. Only wear the luminous ink sunglasses or poker infrared contact lenses, can people see the invisible ink marks of the WSOP marked playing cards. Since invisible juice marks can last for about 1 year if keep the poker decks in good plastic packs, you guys can do the order some days before you need to use the marked decks so that we have time to mark well and then send you the marked cards from China.

WSOP playing cards from the poker main event of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Welcome to buy the World Series tournament poker marked cards from different brands such as Bicycle, Fournier and Copag from our online marked cards shop!