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CVK Playing Cards Analyzer APP

CVK Barcode Marked Cards Poker Analyzer - Fast Speed/High Accuracy

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Model CVK poker analyzer Scanning distance  20-40 cm
Built-in camera one/two cameras Earpiece one pair
No. of game 5 games Application Poker cheat, Casino cheat

CVK Poker Analyzer App is the best marked cards scanning analyzing app and this analyzer device is really magical working for poker game. If you using this casino cheating device analyzer, no one can beat you in the poker game.

Except for the marked cards predictor of New AKK A1 and A2 Analyzer to cheat your opponent in the game, there is CVK 600 poker cards analyze software.

The earlier models of CVK playing cards analyzer is designed for Samsung Phones, setting poker scanner camera lens in the phone analyzer while the earliest ones not. Now the latest CVK 600 model analyzer software usually made with Iphone, which catch the fashion trend in smart phone market and can meet the users' need of taking the most popular ones in life.

Some buyers are thinking that CVK 600 Device price is expensive but it' s certainly worth it. It can connect to all kinds of external lens of poker scanning camera, such as car key marked cards camera, lighter poker scanner. You can buy any type of poker playing cards scanning device from our marked cards shop such as CVK 300, CV 350, CVK 400, CVK500, CVK 600 and so on.

With a barcode marked deck of cards, you can know the winning hands before the cards being dealt for every round on the poker table , then you can make a wise decision in the game so as to be the final winner!