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AKK A1 Scanner Analyzer - The Most Stable Poker Analysing System in Casino Cheat

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Model AKK A1 Scanning distance 20-40 cm
Camera 1 camera Scanning deck 2 decks
Remote control 1 remote control Application Magic, gamble, game


AKK scanner system is always one of the best poker analyzers in the market of poker cheating devices.

AKK poker analyzer is just a kind of poker device to predict poker games results accurately before cards being dealt. AKK A1 is the latest model poker scanner analyzer so far for reading barcode marked cards cheating in poker games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Blackjack.

While being compared with other playing cards analyzers, AKK A1 analyzer have the following advantages.

1stly, The AKK A1 analyzer has a local dynamic scanning camera that can read the barcode marked decks much faster even when the marked decks is moving in hands. This is the most advanced marked cards scanner camera in the market so far.

2ndly, there's a special one to one earpiece working for this analyzer. It is a spy earpiece that others with normal earphones can NOT get information about the results and your phone analyzer.  

These two points can always help a lot. With such a To work with the A1 analyzer set, the good quality barcode marked decks are necessary.


Being a poker cards analyzer, AKK A1 is also a smart phone that can be used for making phone calls, sending messages, surfing the net and so on. It is a phone with both fashion look and multifunction. 

Being the professional supplier of marked cards analyzers, we always have AKK analyzers in stock and can send out soon after you do the order. We will set the right games and test for you before sending out the package, so as to make sure that it is the right good product for you. Also we can help to fixor change the device if there is quality problems when you get it.

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