Auto Tracking Radar Button Camera

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Button scanning poker camera is of the traditional technology in marked cards scanner camera lens. However, the barcode marked decks Auto tracking scanning camera is one of the latest technology these days.

As the name indicates, Auto-tracking radar button camera is a poker scanning camera with radar skills hid in the clothes button that can scan the bar code sides of marked playing cards for poker analyzer to predict the poker results.

This is a real button which can provide you to be used on your shirt or Jacket or coat, this is a common object, while more common objects, it is hard to discover or realize them, they will be more convenient to be used, as it is a shirt button camera on the chest to scan marked cards for poker analyzers. This radar camera can focus the image of invisible markings automatically in a high speed even when the marked deck of cards is moving in hands as soon as it is within the certain scanning distance of the scanner camera.

As for the scanning distance of the radar button camera, there are two different distance that can work, 6-12cm, 20-40cm.

The short distance ones with 6-12cm, is the most suitable for the poker dealer to catch barcode marks from the playing cards on the hands. It can read it very soon and send signal to the playing cards analyzer which can analyze and report you the winning hands very soon within 0.1 seconds.

And for the auto-tracking button scanning camera one of 20-40cm, it is mainly for reading the poker cards on the table. It's an amazing device that can work for the poker players with phone analyzer system.

There are also some other buttons which looks the same as the one with scanning camera for you so that you can put them on your own T-shirt and can catch no doubt or notice from others.