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Invisible Ink Pen for Making Cards

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One of our videos about the invisible ink pen marking playing cards is very popular on Youtube. Here it is.

Someone may want to ask what kind of invisible ink it is in the pen and wonder if it really works.  

In the video, we can clearly see that the marker pen has red ink inside. After writing on the poker card, we can see the red markings with the naked eye. However, after cleaning the red marks with a finger, we can see no visible marks with naked eyes, and only with infrared sunglasses can we see the bright luminous markings on the marked poker card.

Before we mark playing cards with invisible ink, we must make it clear that the same ink can have different effects on different types of cards or paper. The different card brands are made of different material, and even poker cards of the same brand have cards of different colors. Regardless of the type of ink, it is difficult to mark or label all the cards well.

At our sites some invisible ink queries are made. Many leave messages  about invisible ink and contact lenses. It is a fact that invisible ink is much more popular with poker players than invisible ink pens. With the invisible ink in the bottle, people can use it at will in other pens, in large pens or in small pens. People can also try to mark the cards with their fingers. This is much easier than using a pen when time is limited. You can find your own ways to create markers or posters on the back of the marks without anyone knowing the markers.

People who have asked for invisible ink may know that we sell invisible ink pens instead of invisible ink in bottles. In fact, we have invisible ink or special luminous liquid in a bottle for sale. All customers can buy the invisible ink if they can come to us to take the ink.

However, we do not want to send the bottles of  invisible ink for it is too difficult to send particular fluid from the express service.