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Jumbo Bee Magic Trick Cards with Hidden Card Markings

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Brand Jumbo Bee Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin USA Marked type Invisible ink back-side marked cards


Jumbo BEE magic trick card is suitable for poker players in Casino and for magicians to make performance. Usually, there are two methods to make BEE trick poker. One is slightly changing the pattern of cards, like lightening some color, adding additional mini stripes, etc. The other method is marking the cards with invisible ink, whose markings are unseen to human eyes unless you wear the special readers such as invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses.

invisible ink Jumbo Bee playing cards

BEE playing card are famous in the United States, welcomed among numerous poker players and magicians. Affordable price and good quality keep the BEE cards always be a hot product in poker market.
Don't hesitate to purchase jumbo BEE magic trick card, if you are eager to succeed in poker games or magical shows.

TAG: Marked Cards, Cheating Playing Cards