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Modiano Poker Index Marked Cards with Regular Index on 4 Corners

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Brand Modiano Poker Index Size poker size (63 mm x 88 mm)
Color Red & blue Index Dual index
Processed ink Invisible ink / IR ink Reading tool Contact lenses, IR camera

Modiano Poker Index marked cards are reproduced by GS company are highly approved among poker players. Invisible ink used to mark Poker Index is a primary trick for most great magicians as well as Texas Holdem players. Invisible ink is the best out of the playing cards cheating methods because of its flawless to the naked eye. These cards look perfect, markings are waiting to be read with IR contacts or sunglasses. Other methods, like changing patterns on the back of marking poker, blending, etc. show clear evidence of the card being distorted with. Anyone looks close enough will find the secret and the magician will be busted out. Hence using invisible ink on your cards is more successful to trick people.

100% Plastic playing cards with dual poker index in 4 corners of the playing cards, these poker index casino playing cards Modiano are specially designed and made for the Texas Holdem poker game. Each deck from Modiano contains 52 poker size playing cards and 3 jokers. The poker index casino marked playing cards Modiano are packed in cellophane and in a protective cardboard box. Good quality is worthy better protection.