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Italian Modiano Old Trophy Marked Cards for Gambling

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Brand Modiano Old Trophy Size Poker size
Color Red & Blue Index Regular index, 4pips
Origin Italy Material 100% plastic

Italian Modiano Old Trophy marked cards are great partners for infrared contact lenses and sunglasses. Technicians will process the Old Trophy poker cards with invisible ink on the back. Generally, there are four kinds of marks that are popular.

  1. A big font and suits
  2. Only font
  3. Small fonts on four corners
  4. Very small fonts on white border

modiano old trophy marked cards with markings

modiano old trophy marked poker cards with markings

How to win in gambling with Modiano Old Trophy marked poker cards?

If you want to win easily in gambling, there are two things that are very necessary.

  1. Modiano Old Trophy marked cards poker
  2. Invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses

These devices are perfect partners in gambling cheating.

modiano old trophy marked playing cards for lenses

Our Modiano Old Trophy marked playing cards are top quality. These cards look no difference with non-marked cards. And we will repackage the Old Trophy marked decks after the process. The package will be the same the original one. If you mix marked decks with the normal playing cards, no one can distinguish it without the help of infrared readers.

In gambling, users just need to wear the special contact lenses. With it, they can see the marks on Modiano Old Trophy marked cards clearly. You don’t need to guess who is the best hands any more because You can know your opponents’ cards in advance. According to it, you can make the bet more wisely. Winning odds are greatly increased with these devices.

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