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Modiano Napoletane Italian Luminous Marking Cards

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Brand Modiano Napoletane Size Bridge size
Color Red & blue & brown & green Included 40-card deck
Material Plastic Application Poker cheat, magic show

Luminous ink is not an easy product to create, not to mention the marked deck of cards printed with luminous ink. There are several main compounds that blend together in such a way to create the invisibility on playing cards. A luminous marked cards reader is the only way to see the markings. Best ink is not easy to get, on the contrary, the casino-grade Modiano Napoletane luminous ink markings cards can be available in large quantities in our store. As a professional luminous cheating poker team, it is a piece of cake to produce the best Modiano Napoletane poker decks. We provide products of high-quality and cheapest price for our loyal fans. 

Made in Italy by Modiano, plastic-coated Modiano Napoletane luminous playing cards are sold in deck, in wholesale, all color are available here. Luminous ink Napoletane Modiano regional Italian poker cards are made based on authentic Italian deck with 40 cards and classic illustrations. Most commonly, it consist of 40 cards(4 suits from 1-7 and 3 face cards).