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Modiano Cristallo Marked Poker Cards with Luminous Ink

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Brand Modiano Cristallo Size Poker size
Color Red, blue, green, etc Index Jumbo index
Origin Italy Marked cards type Invisible ink marked cards

Modiano Cristallo marked poker cards is processed with blended luminous ink. The high class marking quality makes it hardly be recognized by naked eyes. It is only exposure under some certain poker trick devices.

The original deck is plastic playing cards which made in Italy. It is with 4pip jumbo index for the letter. It well known as poker size (2.5″ x 3.5″) with a 4-PIP Jumbo Index. It suits for any kind of poker game.

There are 10 colors available for Modiano Cristallo playing cards. They are red, blue, dark blue, green, dark green, purple, orange, grey, brown and black. No matter which kind of color is needed, we have the original deck in stock, and the technician can mixture the ink powder for marking the different color cards to meet the customers' needs.

How do Modiano cristallo marked cards work?

People may wonder how to use this marking deck? it is very simple, just use the special poker cheating device to read the invisible marks on backside of the playing cards or on the 4 sides of the cheating poker. The invisible mark just show out as normal object, or the bar code marking react as the winner result to show you in some phone device automatically. Normally those cards with high quality can be use for one month at least if the original deck is open. If the deck is unpacked, it can be reserved for 1 year for sure. When you are not use the deck, it is better to store it in some cool and dry place. Never put it under the place where has rich sunshine.

When Modiano Cristallo marked poker with contact lens kits be used for the magic show, even a green hand magician can master the game. The poker club owner use it to purify the gambling environment, make sure no one to bring in the cheating equipment inside.